Become a member

Bossey Golf & Country Club is a private club.

To become a member, you must hold a share in the Financial Holding Company of the Golf & Country Club de Bossey (information at the secretariat). There are different statutes for the practice of golf at Bossey.

Acquire a share

In this case, you are a permanent member and each year you must pay a fee corresponding to the use you make of the facilities ("golf" fee or "rackets and practice" fee). Your spouse and dependants may also use the facilities (with certain restrictions) upon payment of a fee.

All the shares of the GCCB Financial Holding Company were sold at the creation of the golf course. A person wishing to buy a share will therefore have to find someone who can sell him or her his or her share. For any information concerning the acquisition of a share, we invite you to contact the Director or the secretariat.

Louer une action

Dans ce cas, vous êtes membre temporaire. Le membre temporaire bénéficie des mêmes conditions d'utilisation des installations que le membre permanent, toutefois, son conjoint et ses ayant-droits n'ont accès qu'à la piscine et au restaurant.

Quelle que soit la solution choisie, les membres du Club doivent être en possession des licences suisse et française. En effet, le Golf & Country Club de Bossey dispose de la double affiliation à l'Association Suisse de Golf et à la Fédération Française de Golf.